With spring fast approaching, you should start to think about boiler maintenance. Preventative boiler maintenance is vital in keeping your boiler running as efficiently as possible. Boiler maintenance consists of a few easy practices to ensure your boiler stays in tiptop shape:

Schedule Preventative Boiler Maintenance and a Cleaning in the Spring.

The spring season is the ideal time for boiler maintenance since heating season is finished and the cooling season hasn’t started yet. Your boiler has been running at full speed throughout the winter months, so now is the perfect time to check out any possible issues which may have arisen.

It’s Easier to Practice Preventative Boiler Maintenance than Wait until Something Breaks.

As they always say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s true for the health of your boiler just as it’s true for your own health. Some problems which can be easily fixed before they get out of hand include:

  • Clogged flue stack
  • Debris in the burner
  • Debris in the valves
  • Oil buildup

Perform Quick, Daily Checks to Ensure You Catch Something at the First Sign of Trouble.

Each day you should make a log of water and oil levels as well as water temperature and oil pressure gauges. Daily boiler maintenance can help you determine your daily consumption and can make you familiar with your boiler, allowing you to notice when something is amiss.

Practice Proper Boiler Shutdown Procedures.

A week before you’re going to shut down your boiler, be sure to lower the suspended solids level by increasing the blowdown rate. The day before shutdown, increase the manual blowdown while decreasing the continuous blowdown. Allow the boiler to cool down for anywhere from 3-5 days ‘ check the specifications for your particular manufacturer to determine the proper cool down time. The boiler should be opened for boiler maintenance and cleaning as soon as it’s drained in order to easily wash out sludge and other debris.

Leave Boiler Inspections to the Professionals.

American Boiler Company suggests you allow us to do any necessary boiler maintenance and inspections. We know the ins and outs of your boiler and can determine if you need a simple cleaning or if more invasive repairs are necessary. We have over 30 years of installing and maintaining boilers, and we’ll work hard to ensure you receive the highest quality service while also saving you money. We always offer free site surveys, and for a limited time new customers can receive a complimentary boiler inspection.