High efficiency boilers can help with boiler energy saving in a number of ways. Here we look at the associated costs, how and why they’re more efficient and the additional equipment needed to run a high efficiency boiler. Energy saving is becoming more important as we strive for a greener, more sustainable world.

How do high efficiency boilers work?

High efficiency boilers result in boiler energy saving because they are able to use the waste gases to create additional heat. A conventional boiler burns fuel to create hot gases which run through a heat exchanger and transfer the heat to water to raise the temperature. Steam is produced in the combustion process, and is simply a waste gas for a conventional boiler. High efficiency boilers use this steam by condensing it in to liquid water and therefore utilizing its latent heat. This results in boiler energy saving by increasing efficiency by over 10% in some cases.

How do the costs of a condensing boiler relate to boiler energy saving?

It can cost up to 50% more to purchase and install a high efficiency boiler as opposed to a conventional boiler. Fortunately, costs can be recouped in about 2-5 years through how much you gain in boiler energy saving. The price of high efficiency boilers are consistently going down as government programs are enforcing stricter energy rules and companies are phasing out older models.

What additional equipment is needed to run a high efficiency boiler?

The only additional equipment needed is a pipe which expels exhaust gases. The exhaust gases are mildly acidic, and while they don’t pose a health risk to humans, they may corrode concrete floors or cast iron plumbing. Installation of the pipe is simple and inexpensive. Other installation requirements for high efficiency boilers remain the same as with conventional boilers.

American Boiler Company has teamed up with Lime Energy in New Jersey to bring you boiler energy savings. Through the New Jersey Direct Install Program, you can save up to 60% of the cost when you upgrade to a high efficiency boiler. For your facility to qualify, you must have a peak demand of no more than 100kW over the last 12 months. Alternatively, you must operate a boiler with an input of less than 500,000 BTU.

American Boiler Company uses Lochinvar products, a manufacturer of high efficiency boilers. These are the boilers we use for the Direct Install Program. By contacting us, you can glean significant savings on the total cost of the project through New Jersey incentives.