• Operate boiler system in accordance with ASME and industry-standard operating procedures.
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance in accordance with the customer’s established maintenance program.
  • Perform minor repairs such as the replacement of leaky pipe nipples, gaskets, etc.
  • Maintain boiler operating logs in accordance with industry standards.
  • Record supply and return temperatures, supply and return pressures, along with a daily description summarizing boiler and related equipment operation.
  • Flush/blowdown boiler as necessary to minimize build-up of sediment, scale, etc.
  • Perform water quality testing on a daily basis using customer’s provided testing kit.
  • Visually inspect all system components on a daily basis and record findings in the logbook.
  • Immediately report malfunctions, leaks, and problems to the customer’s facility supervisor and/or management.
  • Turn off and lockout malfunctioning equipment to ensure safe operation.
  • Shut down boiler upon observing abnormal operating condition and notify customer’s facility supervisor and/or management.
  • Communicate with boiler contractor regarding current and historical boiler operating conditions to facilitate maintenance and repairs.
  • Clean boiler room and equipment as required to ensure a neat and orderly operating environment.
  • Reset boiler equipment as may be required (e.g. low water cut-offs)

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Qualifications of Our Boiler Operators:

All boiler operators will have current black seal or blue seal boiler operators licenses, as may be required, and will have a minimum of 3 years of experience working with boiler systems and related equipment.

All boiler operators will have satisfactorily passed background checks and will be certified medically fit for work in an industrial environment as per OSHA guidelines.

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