A combined heat & power system generates two forms of energy from a single fuel source.   In the most common application, a natural gas driven turbine produces both electricity and hot water.  By capturing the heat produced by the electrical generator and using it to heat hot water for space heating or for domestic hot water purposes, the CHP unit is more efficient than the combination of traditional boilers and electricity supplied by the utility company.  Other benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced dependence on the electrical grid, more efficient use of your existing boiler plant, and scalable growth.

Recent advances in micro-turbine technology have significantly reduced the payback period for CHP investments.  A CHP system now pays for itself in 3 to 4 years, and owners of CHP systems can realize a savings of $60,000 or more each year the system is in operation.

Combined heat & power systems are an ideal match for buildings with the following characteristics:

  • A year round demand for hot water.
  • Existing boilers that run on oil.
  • A single electrical meter fort the building (as opposed to an apartment building that is sub-metered for each tenant).
  • A demand of at least 75kW of electricity on average during the day.

If you’re interested in learning more about CHP, please contact our office.  If we feel that your building is a good fit for CHP, we will analyze your energy consumption and provide you with a free savings analysis.

CHP system, combined heat and power unit