American Boiler Company is a family-owned business located in Union, New Jersey.  Established by Gary Frank in 2009, American Boiler Company’s roots trace back to the 1950s, when Gary’s father, Abe Frank came to the U.S. with his young family, and his knowledge of welding.  Settling in the Newark area, Mr. Frank started working as a welder and boilermaker.  He developed a reputation for delivering high-quality welding, pipefitting, and mechanical contracting services.

Over time, Mr. Frank passed his knowledge on to his children.  As young apprentices, the Frank children learned the trade from their father.  They also grew to appreciate his commitment to quality workmanship.  As a teenager, Gary Frank worked with his father and brother on welding and pipefitting projects.  With guidance from their father, and many years of hands-on training, the two Frank brothers developed a thorough understanding of hydronic heating systems and mechanical contracting.
Drawing on his more that 30 years as a boilermaker, Gary Frank now leads the operations team at American Boiler Company and serves as the company’s president.  And if you’re wondering what happened to Gary’s brother, you don’t have to go far.  Joseph Frank, the older brother, now owns and operates National Power Equipment, a Newark based business that has a fleet of rental boilers that can be deployed for emergency heating.

Gary is supported by a growing team of boiler technicians, welders, project managers, and administrative professionals.  To learn more about American Boiler Company, and inquire about our heating system services, please give us a call.