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Seven Telltale Signs Your Boiler Needs to Be Replaced

It is not uncommon for property owners or facility managers to wait until a boiler completely breaks down before replacing the unit. To make things worse, there types of failures happen when there is real need for heat (for instance, a very cold day) and since the failure is unexpected, there are rarely emergency funds allocated to fix the problem.


As one of the leading boiler manufacturers in New Jersey and New York, our quality Boiler designs are used for a variety of applications, including power generation, mining, and food processing. We have decades of experience that allows us to fit whatever need you may have. We supply everything from industrial boiler systems, industrial biomass boilers, Industrial Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Large Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Fire and Water Tube Boilers, and Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers.


At American Boiler Company we’re able to offer you a full solution no matter the size of the project. As one of the top power plant suppliers, we manufacturer and supply all of the equipment needed for a successful project. Our auxiliar equipment include but are not limited to engines, motors, headers, boiler tubers, deaerator, boiler feed pumps, slag removers, ash handling systems, rotary valves, butterfly valves, control panels, variable frequency drives, fuel feed systems, emissions controls, pelletizing machines, and much more.


American Boiler Company  specializes in the manufacturing and deployment of gas turbines, steam turbines, and back pressure turbines. We’re able to help you on any project no matter the size with over 30+ years of experience in the industrial boiler manufacturing industry, all of our parts are made with the highest quality materials at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We are the right company with right people.

Maintenance company focused on building relationships throughout the industry by connecting our clients with the right information, and most importantly, the right people in all New Jersey. Our team provide consistently safe, reliable, and efficient plant operation services to any projects.

Our professional team is assembled to service a broad range of boiler, and refrigeration throughout New Jersey & New York. Today, we continue to build strong relationships with clients throughout the industry using a simple recipe: hire a good quality people. We believe that fit is more important than credentials, that’s why we hire based on attitude first, so we create the best operators.


America Boiler Company has participated in projects throughout all New Jersey & New York. In addition, we specialized in alternative energy solutions for power generation needs. We have found ways to empower companies by reducing energy costs and increasing productivity. Contact us in order to get more info >

Operations Services


Our quality, loyalty, and competitive prices allow you to be competitive in any project that your company operates. Our representatives receive our full attention as a driving force for our company in local markets around New Jersey & New York.

Plant Training

Does your company install, manufacture, consult, or supply equipment for boiler projects? Our company is looking for outside contractors who can meet the demands of government regulations and EPA emissions standards to assist in the erection of boiler proper, dryer, and air pollution control projects.

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Cleaver-Brooks boiler are not the only BIG products that we install and maintenance. Check out this massive spray-type deaerator that was delivered to a food production facility in central Pennsylvania.

Having a high-quality deaerator can increase boiler reliability and lifespan, while also increasing plant efficiency, reducing water and electrical consumption.

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We fully understand that each building, business, and operation has their own unique needs. With over 30+ years of experience as a leading boiler manufacturer in New Jersey & New York, we lead our clients to a successful project at a fraction of the cost. Our mission is to turn our customers into partners and work towards a greater a great impact by providing the best solutions for your manufacturing, deployment, or licensing of industrial boiler systems and auxiliary equipment.