American Boiler Company Develops Low Cost Remote Boiler Monitoring Service

IRVINGTON, N.J.,March 7, 2016–American Boiler Company is pleased to announce it has signed a deal with EI Associates, a leading architectural, multi-discipline engineering and construction management firm since 1934, to develop a low cost remote boiler monitoring service. The new service called provides an alternative to the “24 Hour Rule” requiring on-site boiler operators for boiler plants larger than 100HP (4,000,000 BTU). It is designed to fully comply with existing boiler code and boiler operator regulatory requirements.” We are excited about the opportunity to partner with American Boiler Company and the value this service can deliver to customers who operate boiler plants that require 24 hour boiler operators. It’s a game changer. The price is right and it’s easy to use,” says Robert Paine, P.E., LEEDAP, HBDP, EI Associates Director of Mechanical Projects.

Exception6 Devices

EI Associates is a full service, architecture, multi-discipline engineering and construction management firm with offices inNew Jersey,PennsylvaniaandDelaware. With a diverse staff of over 150 planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, estimators and construction professionals, EI Associates is one of the largest architectural, engineering and construction firms in the Northeast. ContactThomas Andrasz, RA, EI’s Sr. Vice President (ph: 973-775-7777, x181 / for furtherinformation.

American Boiler Company is a leading boiler sales, installation and service company that serves a variety of commercial, industrial, multifamily, educational, healthcare and governmental customers throughout the Northeast. The service uses a central monitoring station that is manned by black seal and blue seal boiler operators on a 24/7/365 basis. Sensors, controls and cameras are installed in the boiler room to monitor and control the boilers. Mr.Gary Frank, President said,” uses the latest in State of the Art technology and is bringing boiler plants into the digital age. Customers using will improve the overall performance, efficiency and operation of their boilers. Customers can keep an eye on things from their phones or tablets and receive real time alerts & reports by text, email or phone call. Once in place, the service can be expanded to also monitor other critical systems within a facility such as sump pumps and ejectors at areas subject to flooding, as well as critical freezers and refrigeration equipment. EI Associates is an excellent firm. We know they are well equipped to handle the planning and design challenges and deliver true, value – based engineering solutions.”

For more information about our remote boiler monitoring service, Exception6, please call American Boiler Company at(973) 923-1999 or email us at