American Boiler Company is proud to represent one of the most experienced manufacturers of high-pressure, packaged firetube boilers. American Boiler Company is one of New Jersey’s leading and most experienced installers and repair of gas-fired boilers and we’ve successfully completed hundreds of industrial firetube boiler projects.

We specialize in the installation, repair, startup, commissioning, and service of commercial and industrial gas-fired steam boilers. We will gladly provide a complete training program conducted by Technician with a vast experience in gas-fired boiler systems.

Firetube Boiler Design & Operation

Firetube boilers operate by sending combustion/flue gas through a series of straight tubes surrounded by hot water stored in the same vessel. Often identified by the number of passes used (such as a 3-pass or 4-pass firetube boiler), this refers to the number of times combustion gas flows the length of the pressure vessel as it transfers heat to the water.


firetube boiler design

A wet-back firetube boiler uses a water-cooled turn-around zone (end closure). A dry-back design relies on fire brick or refractory lining to prevent the end closure from overheating.

Firetube boilers cost typically less upfront than water tube boilers and offer lower operating costs when compared to a similarly sized water tube boiler. They are also easier to maintain due to better fireside access and their efficient straight tube design.

Firetube boilers can handle up to 3000 HP / 450 PSI with a single burner. Though smaller and more compact in design than water-tube boilers of similar size, they can take longer to reach operating temperatures from a cold start but can handle steam demand fluctuations well once running.

Trust The Boiler Experts at American Boiler Company

With proven performance, unmatched size range, and reliability under the most demanding conditions, it’s obvious why Johnston has become our most requested firetube boiler product line. Another key benefit is maintenance cost savings. While some manufacturers have proprietary equipment and parts with exclusive vendor service contracts, Johnston’s boiler construction provides greater service and vendor flexibility, often at a much lower price. While the price of a boiler may look favorable, it pays to fully understand the total cost of ownership when maintenance and parts are factored in. American Boiler can consult with you and help you through the buying process to make sure you have all the information required to decide on the right equipment solution.

In addition to an extensive in-stock boiler inventory, we offer firetube boiler customization to meet any specification. Firetube boilers can be shipped individually, on a packaged skid, or as a complete “boiler in a box” solution. And as a fully licensed General Contractor with divisions dedicated to every aspect of the boiler room inside and out, we are able to provide system design and engineering, concrete work, electrical services, process piping, and more to provide a total steam plant solution.

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