All boilers require periodic service and maintenance, and having this service performed by a professional contractor on an annual basis is recommended. Some companies call this “preventative,” “annual” or “scheduled” maintenance, but the concept is always the same; keep the system tuned up, catch possible problems before they arise, and extend the service life of the system.

Making sure your boiler is in proper working order is important for your overall comfort and safety during the cold winter months. An annual boiler tune-up can mean the difference between an optimally functioning system and stressful, expensive breakdowns.

Annual maintenance also ensures the highest level of efficiency. A contractor visiting a property to service a boiler will open the unit up to brush and rinse the heat exchanger. Eliminating deposits and buildup on the heat exchanger means that the unit will more effectively transfer heat from combustion to the water in your hydronic system. This provides energy savings while also extending the life of the heat exchanger and boiler!

Additionally, the technician will check all safety devices, ensure that all piping and components are in good shape, and inspect the venting. Performing a complete combustion analysis will also ensure that the unit is running as efficiently as possible.

If you have a condensing boiler (also called high-efficiency or modulating boilers), your boiler will require an additional service step. A service technician will look over the condensate disposal system. Condensate is a natural byproduct of combustion in a high-efficiency boiler, and it is mildly acidic. A service technician will clean and refill the condensate neutralizer, and make sure that the condensate trap is working properly. This way, the abrasive condensate is neutralized before being introduced to your plumbing system.

Remember, preventative maintenance is usually less expensive than an emergency service call!

Service in the spring or early summer months.

Since it is recommended that you service your boiler every year, it is a good idea to plan ahead and service your boiler when heating professionals are likely to be less busy. Generally speaking, the best time to service a boiler is in the spring or early summer, shortly after the heating season has ended.

Plus, servicing your heating system in the warmer months ensures your boiler will be ready to handle everything the following winter has to throw at it! Furthermore, if there is an issue with your heating system, you will not be cold while it is being fixed.

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